For you suckers that have decided to join this campaign

Create a character

  • You should have chosen “Create a character” when you were sent the invite link
  • Read each section below before filling out the corresponding page
  • Feel free to read descriptions of everything before deciding
  • It’s okay to backtrack through pages if you change your mind later
  • Don’t worry about your ability numbers for a while.


  • Underline means you need to actively do something for this option
  • bold is the option that is being referred to
  • Grey text is a “Hey look, this is different than 1st edition”

  1. Character Name and Character Preferences (Home)
    1. You can pick your name. If you want a recommendation, pick a name that fits the race you will eventually choose
    2. Leave Sources as is (Homebrew Content, Magic: The Gathering Content, and Eberron Content)
    3. Leave Advancement Type as is (Milestone). Leveling will be informed by XP but I will advance you by level at my discretion, we will no longer have to travel to towns either to do so.
    4. Change Hit Point Type to Manual. Our system will be 1st level you will take the recommended starting HP (usually it’s 8+) and then for every level after you can choose to take the average+constitution bonus or roll randomly +constitution bonus.
    5. Leave Use Prerequisites as is (Feats and Multiclass Requirements are both true)
    6. Change Encumbrance Type to No Encumbrance. No more weight checks, I will be asking you to make sure to offload things whenever you get back to town.
    7. Leave Ignore Coin Weight to true. I will be telling you GP equivalence for everything and they all weight nothing now.
    8. You choose Ability Score/Modifier Display, but I recommend the default Modifiers Top because you will be using them a lot in 5E. 
    9. Leave Character Privacy as Public
  2. Choose a race
    1. Change Filter Race Source(s) to Player’s Handbook. You must pick a race from this filter.
    2. But from that filtered list, you can choose any race and sub-race from there.
      1. Clicking on each race and sub-race will bring up a description of that race and a summary of the special things they get game-wise (like attribute bonuses and special skills). It’s a lot to read but a LOT of neat things are included in races now in 5E so the more time you spend the better informed you’ll be. Notice that there are no longer any negatives for certain races, and humans get +1 to every attribute. A lot of races also get a special Archetype (like specialization) when you hit level 2 or 3. Speed (how far you can move in a round) is also determined mostly by race now.
      2. recommend listening to what they say about the alignment, I’d prefer that you pick an alignment later that matches the race’s expected alignment
      3. There is a “Details Page” for each class that will tell you some GREAT role playing perspectives about the race. It’s a lot for each race though so at a minimum, use the summaries to decide and then save the details page for later when you’ve pick one.
    3. After choosing a race you will be shown the overview again and you can see the special stuff you get.
    4. For those that have options to choose from (like cantrip spells or the extra language you get to know) it will ask you to choose that now. For things that need explanation (like cantrip spells) pick one from the list and it will show you what it exactly is after the selection.
  3. Choose a class
    1. There are a lot of choices to start off with. All are valid choices for you to pick from (I’m not restricting any class), I do reserve the right to nerf things that might be too powerful in my opinion.
    2. Please do not multi-class
    3. The only thing I’ll ask of you all is to try and chooses classes to complement the team. Try not to overlap too much in the same “realm of expertise”
    4. Again, note that your starting hit points is determined by the section that says “Hit Points at 1st Level”. Eg. a person choosing Barbarian will start with 12 hit points + their constitution modifier.
    5. Do not worry about your starting money. Generally, you are given one of everything that you are proficient with.
    6. Magic-User from 1E is most closely related to Wizard now. There are nuances between the three “magic” classes:
      1. A wizard passes the class because she studies hard
      2. A sorcerer is so talented that she passes without studying
      3. A warlock gets an A by sleeping with the teacher.
    7. After you choose your class you be brought to the class summary page where you need to do the following:

      1. Click Manage HP and set it to the “Total Possible HP” value and save. Note that this number will automatically go up later if you roll a good constitution ability.
      2. Choose any Class Features at this point (denoted by a blue exclamation point)
      3. Choose your Spells if you have any
  4. Ability Scores
    1. Change Choose a Generation Method to “Point Buy”
    2. Alright, ability scores is a lot different now. 
      1. You can only choose scores up to 15 now (15 is actually quite good now). While it was fun to roll 18s and stuff, if you noticed earlier, your attributes will go up over time (as opposed to 1E where they were pretty much fixed) and race selection always adds to the number. So you might get 18 eventually! 
      2. Ability scores are almost entirely about the “Modifier” that comes with it now. Eg. if you are a fighter, a 15 in strength means you roll +2 to everything regarding attacks. +2 intelligence modifier for magic-users means +2 to everything about spells, etc.
      3. 8 or 9 ability is -1 modifier
        10 or 11 ability is +0 modifier
        12 or 13 ability is +1 modifier
        14 or 15 ability is +2 modifier and so on in that pattern
      4. Play with the point buy system and see how all the racial and other bonuses factor into the final score.
      5. Notice that the way the higher ability scores are weighted means that you can choose to have three 15s (with three 8s) to get those three abilities to have good modifiers, but you can also potentially do three 13s with three 12s and thus have a +1 modifier to every stat. It’s up to you.
    3. Do not use “Other Modifiers” or “Override Score”
  5. Description
    1. Choose Background. You can pick one then read up on it. Again, it’s a lot, but this determines what special features, languages, and proficiencies you get. You can do custom and follow the guide, but if you do, I want you to actually write a description similar to the other ones.
    2. Regarding Suggested Characteristics
      1. Choose or randomly roll TWO Personality Traits
      2. Choose or randomly roll ONE Ideal
      3. Choose or randomly roll ONE Bond
      4. Choose or randomly roll ONE Flaw
    3. Regarding Character Details

      1. Choose an Alignment. I’m going to ask not to choose an evil alignment. Remember your racial tendency.
      2. ChooseFaith if it makes sense for your class/race to have one, or if you want one regardless.
      3. ChooseLifestyle (starting money won’t make much a difference so choose mainly for role playing purposes)
    4. Regarding Physical Characteristics
      1. Choose Hair, Skin, Eyes, and Gender Description to your liking (and relatively makes sense for your race).
      2. Choose Height, Weight, and Age according to your race.
    5. Your Personal Characteristics should be pre-filled from what you chose in Suggested Characteristics. You may choose to edit them now but only to add more detail or perhaps backstory to why.
    6. You may edit the Notes section at your discretion.
  6. Equipment
    1. If you have Attuned Magic Items available, choose them
    2. For Starting Equipmentchoose Equipment (not gold)

      1. Follow the prompts to determine your starting equipment
      2. Select Add Starting Equipment when done.
    3. Under Inventory select Wield or Wear for anything that you want to be your “default loadout”
    4. Do not add any other items to your inventory. For clerics/magic-users, do not worry about your spell components if they are any. We are going to assume you always have the components you need. For spells with expensive or relatively rare components, we’ll address those individually.

That’s it! You made your character, you can view the finalized live sheet or export it for print out.

  • You can use either the online sheet or a printed sheet while we play. If the latter, I will ask you to asap update the online one after sessions.
  • At this point, don’t worry about anything else besides going through your character sheet and learning more about your character choices. I’ll teach you about all the new stuff on your character sheet when we play!
  • If you want, you can:
    • add more backstory but I will choose how you all know each other at the story of the story
    • you can read through the player’s handbook (available on this website under “Sources” and then choose “Player’s Handbook” under the sourcebook